Teach your child to read in 10-15 minutes a day with our step-by-step LURN Phonics Reading Program.

Literacy Bundle

Are you ready to empower your child with essential literacy skills in a fun and engaging way?

Our free literacy bundle is here to make learning a thrilling adventure.

Download now and get access to a fantastic collection of worksheets, printable, and flashcards covering a wide range of literacy topics:

1. Tongue twisters
2. CVC word books
3. Syllable Clip Cards
4. Phoneme Identification & Isolation
5. Rhyming Picture Match & Memory
6. Alphabet Flashcards
7. Alphabet Tracing Cards
8. Beginning Sound Matching Mat
9. Beginning & Ending Sound Clip Cards
10. Beginning & Ending Sound Worksheets
11. Consonant Blends Chart
12. Digraph clip cards
13. Digraph word cards
14. Digraph Snakes & Ladder
15. Sight Words Chart.

Math Bundle

Are you ready to spark your child’s love for math and boost their mathematical prowess?

Our free math bundle is here to make learning math an exciting adventure.

Download now and gain access to a fantastic collection of math printables that cover a wide range of math topics:

1. Addition & Subtraction Clip Cards
2. More Than/Less Than/Equal to
3. Counting
4. Pattern Design
5. Months of the Year
6. Seasons of the Year
7. Days of the Year

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